Plateau is a new abstract strategy board game invented in 1986 by Jim Albea.
You can read the whole story of Plateau's development here.

It is a deceptively simple game played on a 4x4 grid. Pieces are added to and moved on the board with the goal of capturing six of the opponents pieces or making a stack of pieces six tall.

The Ultimate Game of Strategy and Intrigue.

From a few simple rules a complex strategy game emerges. In many abstract strategy games the players have complete knowledge of all possible moves. In Plateau there is hidden or secret information. You don't always know exactly what your opponent has played. This means that you have to devise strategies without perfect knowledge of your opponent's position. As a Plateau game proceeds, complex strategies emerge among bluffs, traps, and intrigues.

"Plateau is unique and amazing in that such grand strategies can be played on such a small board. other game like it." 1992  Sid Sackson

Available online in the following locations:

On Boardspace you can play human opponents in real time or play against a computer robot (coming soon).
On GamesByEmail you can play games at your own pace -- not in real time. You will need to have email addresses of anyone you which to play.
BoardGameGeek is THE SITE for all things related to board games. Be sure to vist Plateau's page there and give us a rating!

Virtual Plateau. See below, Virtual Plateau, free software which has animated help diagrams, a computer robot, and a facility for email games. Virtual Plateau is still the best way to get up to speed with Plateau fast.

Quotes from Plateau players.

Order a Game Set! $20 (+ shipping).  The Real Plateau Game Set consists of: 24 base pieces, 26 colored snap on markers, a bi-fold game board, rules/strategy booklet, and a sturdy plastic carrying case.

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Virtual Plateau  is a FREE program for Windows.  With it you can play against the computer robot or play a friend by email.  Also it has animated diagrams that explain the rules. Download

Strategy Articles:
The Hammond Method:  By Paul Hammond -- changed the way Plateau is played.
General hints and tips:  By Jim Albea

The Rules of the Game:
The Official Illustrated Rules
Computer animated video. Rules and sample game. 11 min
Game Notation How to record a game using SGF format.
Deutsch - Regeln und Weisunge auf Deutsch (.pdf). Deutsche ?bersetzung von Frank Kronmueller. (Rules and Instructions in German, translation by Frank Kronmueller.)
正式的游戏规则详解(中文) - Rules in Chinese

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