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Half Price Deal:
Get a Plateau set for only $10 by sending a text record of a game that you have played with another person.

-  If ordering by Paypal, first send in the game record, and then we will send you a discount code which you can use when you place your order.

-  If ordering by email simply send the game record along with your order.  We will get in touch with you.

How to record a game:

Automatic: These web sites and programs automatically create a game record that you can copy/paste into an email:
Virtual Plateau  This is the free program that can be downloaded from the Plateau main page.  You can use Virtual Plateau to play games by email.  Boardspace is an online player community with live interactive play.
Games by Email  GBM is an online player community that has asynchronous play.  You can play games at your convenience over the course of days or weeks.
Manual: This is the ole-timey method of writing the progress of the game down on a sheet of paper.  You would then transcribe that in an email to us:
Manual notation

How to send the game:
Simply paste the text of the game into an email and send it to (or any other address).  We will send the discount code back to you.

How to find players:
Introduce a friend to Plateau or...

There are lots of Plateau players to be found at these web sites:
    Games by Email

Can both players use the same recorded game?
Yes, but a single recorded game can only be used once for each player.

Can it be a game against the computer?
No it needs to be a game with another human.

What about old games?
A previous boardspace game can be used for a half-price set but it needs to be a game that you participated in and it can only be used once.

Can I get more than one set at half price?
Sure get as many as you want (as long as the promotion is announced on the web site).
One unique game record per set.

How does evaluate if a game has been used before?
We use a "diff" program to compare games against others.

How long will this promotion last?
The promotion is starting in December of 2010.  There is no predetermined end date, but we will give it a few months at least.  If it starts to become too successful we will need to end it fast.  So don't wait!

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