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Here is just a sampling of comments that have been sent to me from Plateau players over the years.

January 14, 2011:
"It seems like a fantastic game. I love the idea of something like Stratego (bluffing and deception) on a tiny grid."
Ben S.

December 22, 2011:
"I can"t remember how I found out about plateau but I used to play with my brother when we were kids. I just remembered playing a board game on a 4x4 board with painted connect 4 pieces. It took me a while to find the game's name and your website but I thought it'd be fun to get a set for him for Christmas.
[...] do you still sell many sets? I love the game by the way,"
Dan R.

December 2008
"[...] I did succeed in getting him to try Plateau, and we then played it almost every night for the month we were there. That year or the next, he and his wife brought me some gifts for Christmas, and I had nothing for him, so I gave him my Plateau set since I knew he liked it. He later confirmed that his kids loved it too. I thought that what John had told me would surely be wrong now, and I would be able to find your game in any store. John didn't have any left. I was surprised to see on your website that you have had a tough time with the game, but I'm glad that it has finally gained some recognition and I hope you will make lots of money from it."
David S.

November 2008
"I have purchased your game a few years ago and I must say it has become one of my favourites: fast games, excitement of bluff, possibility of playing even with friends who are not fond of abstract games.
The small format is also great to take along when we go to the bar and play a game while having a drink...
The game works overall very well, and even the exchange of prisoners has allowed a few very unexpected conclusions
- I must say that I was a bit skeptical in the beginning.
I decided to write this feedback because I realized recently that it seems to be almost unknown in France : not a single comment on it on, which is probably the most comprehensive games list available in French language. I was wondering if I had been your only French customer.... Are you still developing the promotion of your game ?
Anyway, I wish you a good success with it."
Cyril G.

July 10, 2008:
"I started playing Go a while ago, and got one of my High School friends into it as well. Shortly after that, he started picking up various abstract strategy games, like Zertz and Pentago, and Plateau happened to be one of the games he bought. I don't know how he found it, but he taught me how to play and it has since become one of my favorite board games, so I figured (now that I moved away) I should grab a set of my own. I really like how theres a bluffing element to it. Makes the game a lot more interesting than something like Go or Chess where you know for certain every possible way your opponent can move."
Anthony L.

February 2002:
" Even after a year, more and more things turns out.. it is great fun to play.
This game is (almost :-) as interesting as life itself!"
Frank K.

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